Monday, June 19, 2006

Some fables on the Unstable Oscillation of Uniformity

The clay is specially treated so that it remains pliant and responsive for over a month.

With the matrix in the car, Chitralekha drives down to all the galleries in the itinerary and displays the matrix as her only exhibit.

Diving deep down into the river, Kujjhatika ferrets out the sturdiest pillar of the bridge.

This work was shown in a solo show at Gallery SKE, Bangalore. The show comprised of a set of 6 large prints (4feet by 3feet, 4 feet by 3 feet, Ultraviolet Ink on Composite Aluminium Panels) a looped projection and a small sound piece.The following is an extract from the concept note for the show.

I am interested in exploring a particular conceptual trajectory through the narrative device of the fable. Fables interest me, as they set in motion an interesting tension between the grainy-ness of the particular and the fuzzy smear of the general. Also because of their short narrative duration, they allow for a certain compaction of ideas while simultaneously retaining a porosity of interpretation.

In this show, I have explored the conceptual trajectories of "Oscillation", "Instability", "Uniformity", and “Travel” through four short, eponymously-titled micro-narratives/fables. I am aware that each trajectory is packed with multiple, and often contradictory, layers of meaning. Within the fable/micro-narrative, I have therefore tried to delineate a particular context that throws into relief a certain set of meanings and resonances.